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You know your flat roof has seen better days, and it’s time to replace it. As a business owner facing such an important decision, knowing the best flat roof materials is essential.

Being clueless about which material is better for your flat roof can be stressful and confusing. Replacing your flat roof shouldn’t be difficult or take up a lot of your time. In this blog, we’ve put together 4 of the best materials for your flat roof to make your decision a little easier. Continue reading to find out!

What Is a Flat Roof?

First, let’s look into what exactly is a flat roof. Flat roofs are popular roof systems for commercial and residential buildings because they are completely or almost level. Business owners like this type of roof because it is inexpensive, can be used in different ways, saves energy, and is easy to clean. 

A flat roof is the best option for many buildings since it offers a modern, clean look, allowing you to install and maintain HVAC units easily.

Choose Between These 4 Popular Materials for a Flat Roof

Now that you manage what is considered a flat roof, it’s time to know the finest flat roof materials and which one works the best for your company:

EPDM Roofing for a Stylish Appearance

Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer or EPDM is a synthetic rubber black membrane frequently used in industrial and healthcare settings. Because of its high durability, this flat roof system has one of the most extended useful lives, lasting approximately 25 to 30 years.

EPDM works best in visible spaces since black gives a modern and aesthetic look and won’t get dirty as quickly as a white roof. However, being black easily absorbs heat, which is why it’s not recommended for living spaces, such as a reception.

TPO Roofing for Cooling Interiors

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing is the newest favorite of business owners. Made of a single-ply white membrane, its white color reflects the heat, allowing the properties to save money by keeping the inside cool.

This flat roofing type is better for non-visible areas since its white membrane will get dirty quickly. However, if it’s well installed, TPO roofing can last around 25 years.

PVC Roofing Is Your Tried-And-True

PVC is an acronym for polyvinyl chloride. It refers to a single-ply white membrane quite similar to TPO roofing. If installed correctly, PVC membrane can last up to 25 years.

PVC roofing is slightly more flexible and has been available longer than TPO roofing. Thanks to its strength and durability, it has become every business owner’s first choice for their flat roofing materials. 

Standing Seam Metal Roof for the Longest Durability

This roof system is conformed by a series of metal panels locked together at the seams. Even though they are fastened together, these panels often have a few inches between them to allow for thermal expansion as they expand and contract.

With this roof type, you have the liberty to select the color that fits your business aesthetics in the best way. A standing seam metal roof is the most durable option for a flat roof, lasting 30 to 50 years under optimal conditions.

Cool Roof Solutions, Your Flat Roofing Contractor

At Cool Roof Solutions, we understand how important it is to select the best material for your flat roof repair and go back to focus on your executive duties. You deserve a flat roof that protects your property for many years.

Avoid losing precious time with constant flat roof repairs, and work with us! With Cool Roof Solutions, you get your flat roof properly installed with the most accurate and highly qualified roofing material for your establishment. Here’s how to get started with us:

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