How do I know if my business needs a new roof?

Want to know if a commercial property needs a new roof? Continue reading to find out!

It is essential to consider a building’s roofing system, no matter what kind of business it operates. Why? The roof literally protects every part of the business- the staff, the equipment, and the product.

Unfortunately, not all roofing companies are honest about whether or not an owner needs a complete re-roofing. They may try to sell the owner on a new roof for silly reasons or misrepresent the facts.

Signs That a Commercial Roof Needs Replacement

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There are a few ways to tell if a roof needs a replacement or not. Warning signs abound, and after considering the signs listed below, an owner can decide whether they need a new roof or just a few repairs.

Sagging Spots

Here’s a fact: The roof is going to get when it rains. However, if the water remains on the roof after several sunny days, it will probably begin to sag.

Sagging or drooping rooflines can mean that there is a leak in the roof. This leak can compromise the joints, rafters, or sheathing.

Depending on the extent of the damage, the compromised areas can be replaced while leaving the remainder of the roof intact. However, when sagging is widespread, a complete replacement may be necessary.

Musty Odors

A musty-smelling property is a sign of mold. Mold grows when there is moisture present. In minor cases, it can be controlled by thorough cleaning and adjusting humidity levels.

When mold is the cause of the musty smell, it is extremely important to fix the problem immediately- whether it’s a simple leak repair or an entire re-roof. Lingering moisture issues can cause major problems, including a variety of health issues.

Interior Water Damage

Having to place a bucket underneath a roof leak is more than annoying. This also looks bad. When the owner fails to repair the problem, it can lead to severe water damage that can be seen on the ceiling, walls, and even the floors.

When the commercial building is showing signs of water damage, they need to respond quickly. Stay ahead of major problems by checking periodically any peeling paint and water stains on the upper levels.

When there is damage present, reach out to a professional to assess the situation. When problems are addressed early on, the owner can prevent the possibility of needing a complete re-roof.

High Energy Bills

Even though the roof might be intact, over time, it can lose efficiency. A roof can help reflect the sun, which keeps the HVAC unit from overworking itself.

Once the roof loses the ability to reflect the sun, not much can be done to save it. Either a new roof is needed to be installed, or higher energy bills will continue to mount.

Bubbles and Blistering

The commercial roof should not have air pockets or bubbles in it. However, when a commercial roof is damaged, it can form bubbles and blisters in the roofing membrane.

Generally, a roof blister or bubble is similar to a blister found on the skin. This part needs to be removed and cleaned.

Localized repairs can be done. However, commercial re-roofing may be a more cost-efficient option.

Unfortunately, a recurring bubble is usually a sign of roof membrane damage. Since water may be invading from another area, the spot that bubbles may not necessarily be the source of the roof’s issue.

Loose Roofing Material

Heavy rains, strong winds, and other extreme weather conditions can cause the roofing material to loosen. Ignoring these loose materials can lead to further damage, higher energy bills, and shorten the roof’s lifespan. When there are many areas with loose material, it is recommended to consider commercial re-roofing.

Old Roofs

A commercial roof may look like it’s free of problems. However, once a commercial roof reaches its age limit, there will constantly be small problems that can accumulate over time and become big problems.

Continuous small problems and the cost associated with multiple repairs should be considered against the new roof’s cost.

When the commercial roof is around 25 years old, the owner needs to consider commercial re-roofing.

Commercial Re-Roofing from the Experts

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