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Roofing Coatings are an important part of any commercial roofing system. They protect from the sun’s UV rays, as well as from the elements and physical damage. If you’re looking for commercial roof coatings in Sacramento, CA, look no further than our professional team at Cool Roof Solutions. We’ve been offering multiple roof coating services to Sacramento, CA, residents for many years.


Our family-owned company is committed to providing the best possible services to commercial customers in the Sacramento, CA, area. We use the best roofing products backed by an 18-year warranty. So you can rest assured that we’ll be there for you long after the job is done.

Types Of Roofing Coatings We Offer


PVC Roofing Coating

PVC roofing coating is a specialized product to protect your roof against the elements. A clear, water-based coating dries to a hard, durable finish. It is also mildew resistant, so it will not support mold growth or mildew on your roof.


EPDM Roofing Coating

This material can withstand bad conditions better than other materials such as asphalt shingle or metal sheeting because they don’t conduct heat well. Cool Roof Solutions are specialists in roof coating systems and services. Here are some benefits of EPDM roof coating: Sustainability, long lifespan, high efficiency and flexibility, and durability.


Metal Roofing Coating 

Metal roof coatings are specially formulated to protect and prolong the life of metal roofs. Metal roof coatings provide a barrier against corrosion, weathering, and ultraviolet (UV) light. Also, it is typically applied in two coats, with the first coat providing the major protection and the second as a touch-up or topcoat.


Foam Roof Coating

Foam roof coating systems are seamless, which means they can expand and contract with your roof without cracking or leaking. This is especially important in the hot summer months when your roof is more likely to experience thermal expansion.


Working With The Pros!

At Cool Roof Solutions, our professionals work with some of the best roofing contractors in the business. We’re proud to offer our roof coating services to the Sacramento, CA, area, and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have.


Our top-rated company focuses our experience and expertise on providing you with the best commercial roofing services in Sacramento, CA. If you’re interested in learning more about all our roofing services, don’t hesitate to contact us today and request a free estimate for your projects. You can rely on us!

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