PVC Roofing Solutions For Business Owners

We provide smart, durable, and “Green” Commercial Roofing Systems.

At Cool Roof Solutions, we know that you, as a smart business owner, want a well-made roof for your establishment. You surely want your roof made of resistant, durable, and low-maintenance costs materials. This might interest you in a PVC roofing system.

We understand how important it is for you to keep your establishment in optimal condition. Leading the roofing industry in Chico, California, our dedication as roofers and high-quality materials have granted us a reputation for honesty and reliability.

How PVC Roofing Can Improve Your Business

PVC roofing membrane is famous for commercial properties, but not knowing why can be confusing and frustrating. We can advise you on finding the perfect PVC roofing type according to your expectations and budget.

PVC is a single-ply membrane consisting of a synthetic resin called polyvinyl chloride. These are some of the characteristics that make it so attractive for facility owners like yourself.


Durable & Weather-Resistant

PVC roofing membrane properties ensure outstanding durability and resistance to severe weather conditions without allowing any damage.

You can count on the consistency of its membrane to protect you from wind, hail, and water without breaking or leaking.


Energy-Efficient & Low-Maintenance

PVC roof white membrane helps you maintain the temperature of the interior by deflecting the UV rays and the sun’s heat. The material’s thickness allows you, as a business owner, to save money and regulate temperatures during hot or cold weather.

This type of roofing is perfect if you want to save on maintenance costs and repairs. At Cool Roof Solutions, we offer the appropriate maintenance for your PVC roof to extend its service life.



PVC roofs are made of cost-effective materials. You can save some cash and expect top-quality, like with more expensive roofing materials.


Fire & Lightning Strike Protection

The PVC roofing membrane’s high heat resistance index will protect your business from lightning strikes and fire hazards. This makes it highly appealing for commercial facilities like yours.


Start Your PVC Roofing Project Now

At Cool Roof Solutions, you can enjoy an 18-year warranty along with your PVC roofing, as well with every one of the roofing systems we offer. All you need to do is follow these 3 steps:

  1. Browse Cool Roof Solutions’ PVC roofing types available
  2. Select the material you want for your PVC roofing membrane
  3. Request a free quote by emailing or calling our phone number.


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