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We provide smart, durable, and “Green” Commercial Roofing Systems.

Businesses result from the efforts of many people who want to prosper, and keeping them in their best shape becomes the top priority. If you’re a business owner, you know that even the property’s roof is critical to keeping your business looking its best. For this reason, finding reliable commercial roofers is key to helping you protect your commercial roofing investment.

At Cool Roof Solutions, we understand the commercial roof is a critical aspect of any business. That’s why we’re committed to being the leading commercial roofing contractor in Folsom. For over 20 years, we’ve been providing outstanding roofing services to customers in the area, and our experience is unmatched. So you can stop searching for ”commercial roofing in Folsom” and let us be your one-stop-shop for commercial roofing needs.

We’re The Best Folsom Roofing Solution!

Our trustworthy commercial roofing company opened its door over 20 years ago. Since then, we’ve been the choice for countless businesses. Our technicians are experts in all commercial roofing systems, and our processes are simple and efficient.

What sets us apart from other commercial roofing contractors in Folsom is the quality of our solutions. Our roofing systems can withstand any weather conditions and are low-maintenance, meaning you won’t have to worry about your roof for years to come.

Conklin roofing products are employed on our roofs. This durable material has been implemented for many roofing companies across the US for over 40 years.

Our Unmatchable Folsom Roofing Services

As part of our unmatchable services, we can mention:

  1. Roof coatings protect your commercial roof from the elements and extend its lifespan.
  2. Metal roof restorations: a great way to save money and energy while protecting your commercial roof.
  3. Installations and replacements: we provide high-quality commercial roofing systems that will protect your business for years.
  4. Roofing Maintenance: our team can help you with any issue you may have and provide your roofing system with the care it needs to stay in top condition.

Also, we provide different types of commercial roofing systems, such as:

  • Foam roofing
  • TPO roofing
  • EPDM roofing 
  • Flat Roofing

Benefits Of Choosing Us!

At Cool Roof Solutions, we offer several benefits, including:

  • Flexible scheduling and 24/7 emergency services
  • An 18-year warranty backs our roofing products.
  • Our expert roofers are qualified to get the job done right the first time, providing you with peace of mind and extending your roof’s life span.
  • We offer outstanding solutions at competitive prices.

Work With The Pros In Folsom, CA, Today!

At Cool Roof Solutions, we can take care of all your needs in no time. Our processes are simple and efficient, and were designed to save time and money. Whether you need a small, medium, or large solution, we can be custom-tailored to your needs. We also offer foam roof solutions, we have it all!

Stop searching for ”Professional commercial roofing in Folsom” or “commercial roofing in Sacramento” and call us today to schedule a free consultation!

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