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Metal roofing systems are durable and long-lasting for your home or business. But like any other roofing material, they can suffer damage. If you notice that your metal roofing has experienced some damage due to the elements, don’t hesitate to hire our professional team at Cool Roof Solutions. We’ll be able to restore its damage and provide outstanding results completely.


Our technicians are the metal roofing experts in Sacramento, CA. Our qualified technicians have many years of experience and expertise in providing the best possible solutions. Plus, we work with high-quality products and offer free quotes for your projects. 

What Can You Expect From Our Services?

As the leaders in commercial roofing in Sacramento, our team works with long-lasting products to ensure that you have an effective metal roofing system for many years.

If you need metal roofing repair services, our professionals work very carefully to ensure the right solutions to any problem. Whether your metal roof is leaking, rusting, or denting, our trained professionals can leave it as it was new. Whatever the issue is, we have you covered!

Benefits Of  Our Metal Roof Restoration Services

Installing a new metal roofing system with us will keep your house water-resistant and add value. Moreover, our metal roof restoration services can bring you a large list of other benefits:

  • It will make your roof look new again: After years of being constantly bombarded by the sun, rain, and wind, your roof will inevitably start to show its age. By providing it with restoration services, it will look brand new again.
  • It will extend the life of your roof:  Not only will metal roof restoration make your roof look new again, but it will extend its life.
  • It will improve your energy efficiency and save you money: metal roof restorations will improve your energy efficiency, and as a result, your energy bills will decrease.

In addition, we’ve used Conklin Roofing products on our roofs for years. This highly qualified roofing material has been on the market for over 40 years and is widely trusted by numerous commercial roofing companies across the country.

Work With Us Today!

The best way to get metal roof restoration  in Sacramento, CA, is by hiring our trustworthy team and services at Cool Roof Solutions. We’re the perfect solution to keep your home comfortable all year long. We understand the significance of your investment, so you can rest assured that we’ll have your metal roofing looking good as new in no time. We’re also experts in spray foam roofing redding and offer foam roof solutions.

Our reputation means everything to us. Our commitment to our work will provide you the satisfaction you won’t find anywhere else. Get in touch with us today for flexible scheduling and get a free consultation!

Your metal roof can deteriorate and lose its aesthetic properties. A full replacement is not always the answer. Instead, you can choose our cost-effective metal roof restoration. Asides from this being a cheaper option, it also consumes less time.

Replacing metal roofs will mean tearing off the old roofing material, as well as installing new insulation. This can be very time consuming and can disrupt normal building operations. Here are some of the other benefits;

  • Affordable Restoration: Metal roof restoration is a quick and straightforward process. Additionally, it is cost-effective. With Cool Roof Solutions, you are sure to get value for money on our services, from roof repair through to maintenance.
  • Lifespan Extension: Metal roofing has long lifespans. But, proper maintenance will make for an even longer lifespan. Choosing our restoration service will add 10 to 20 years to the current lifespan of your roofs. So if you want to increase your roofs’ lifespan while maintaining a budget, contact us.
  • Durable: Cool Roof Solutions offers quality commercial metal roofing service that includes durability. This process ensures that your metal roofing regains its strength.
  • Energy Efficiency: It ensures a lower load for your air conditioning system, reducing cooling costs.
  • Avoids Huge Losses: A deteriorating metal roof can result in huge losses. You could end up spending thousands to make up for your damages. Our experts, here at Cool Roof Solutions, are more than happy to help you detect damage signs. And help you avoid losses.
  • Sustainable Option: Opting for metal roof replacement means more waste and environmental noise. But, the restoration process is a more viable option. It is quick, less environmental noise, less waste.

At Cool Roof Solutions, we have an expert roofing contractor that will carry out metal roof inspections. And determine your roofing needs.

Below are some signs you can look out for;

  • Moss & Fungus Growth
  • Rusty Screws Or Old Loose Nails
  • Rusting Roof, Gutters & Downpipes
  • Watermarked Ceilings
  • Faded Metal Roof Sheets
  • Holes Or Gaps In The Roof

Our high standards in handling metal roof restoration projects make us unique. We don’t cover up roofing damages with an elegant finish. We put much effort into identifying leaks, rusts, and weak spots, repairing these first.


Priming Your Metal Roofing

First, our metal roofing restoration process is treating rust with the best rust off products. This prevents the occurrence of future rust or corrosion, which can result in another roof damage.


Caulking Your Roof

Next is caulking your metal roofing. Our experts detect and caulk all leak points and fastener heads to prevent any form of leaks. This gives your roof further protection.


Metal Roof Seam Treatment

Your metal roof seams are then treated for further protection from leaks. This way, there are no seams for water to leak through, saving you money on maintenance and repair costs.


Roof Coating

Finally, we apply our reliable roof coatings. This gives the beautiful reflective surface that gives your roof that new roof looks—ensuring that your roof is safe for years to come.

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