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Are you in the market for a high-quality yet cost-effective roofing system? Cool Roof Solutions offers the best commercial and home roofing services in Chico, CA. We have years of experience and expertise in flat roofing systems. Our roofing professionals are happy to help, whether it's flat roof repair, roof replacements, or maintenance in Chico, CA.

Is your home or business on a narrow lot, no yard space? Slope roofing will harm your one chance of creating an outdoor lounge for that barbeque you love so much.

Luckily, Choosing Cool Roof Solutions flat roofing services, Chico, CA, brings you and us closer to achieving your dreams.

Choosing a flat roof as a property owner comes with numerous benefits. From durability to low cost, flat roofs lead many roofing systems. Here are a few benefits;

Access and Maintenance

A flat roof is, of course, flat, allowing for easy access to the roof. In most cases, you only need a ladder. It’s as easy as not requiring a ladder in some commercial settings. Easy access means easy maintenance, both on the main roof and on other items like rain gutters. Also, being able to access the roof quickly to check for problems will avoid costly damages.


You’d agree that an easy to maintain roof would be durable. But that’s not the only reason for this roofing material’s durability. Its composition, gravel, and tar have long lifespans. The lifespan of a flat roof with proper maintenance can exceed 30 years.


The flat roofing system provides extra space for more possibilities. If your property is on a narrow space, you could do with the space on the roof. Most property owners utilize their flat roof space for storing AC vents and other equipment. For most businesses with space issues, this can be a welcome benefit.

Here, At Cool Roof Solutions, Chico, CA, our team of experts is happy to create more space for your business.


Flat roofing is one of the most affordable roofing options out there. Installation is easy, and maintenance is easy. You can choose to install your roofing system without shingles or any decorations, allowing for lower installation costs.

Want to learn more about flat roofs, call Cool Roof Solutions, Chico, CA today. Our customer service can get our roofing experts to your doorstep in minutes.

Our goal is to ensure your happiness. To achieve this, we break down our services into the following;

A flat roofing system can be a viable option for your new construction project. Here, at Cool Roof Solutions, we offer the best services in Chico, CA. From helping you make the right decision for your project, to flat roof installation. Our team of professionals is always happy to help.


Flat Roof Repair, Chico, CA

A leaking roof can be very worrisome to your business. And can give you sleepless nights. Detecting a leak can be difficult, especially for an untrained eye. Here at Cool Roof Solutions, our experts are well trained. We will detect leaks and other potential roof repair needs and fix all for your happiness. Call us now to find out more.


Flat Roof Inspections, Chico, CA

This roofing system can be complicated to inspect, even for a skilled handyman. Usually, because of major flat roofing issues are sometimes hard to detect. You might need more than a naked eye to spot these issues. Luckily for you, our team of roofing experts can extend your roofs’ service life with our inspections.

Flat Roof Maintenence Program, Chico, CA

Extending your roofs’ lifespan and its functionality means regular maintenance is imperative. Because it is flat, this roofing system will require more maintenance than sloped roofs. And you might not be able to spot roof problems just from a casual check.

Whether its a new roof installation, repair, inspection, or maintenance, Cool Roof Solutions Chico roofing is happy to help. Call us now


Cool Roof Solutions is one of the leading roofing companies in Chico, California. Our attention to detail and use of a superior product has earned us a reputation. Our product comes backed with an 18-year warranty. Plus, our dependable team has earned us a reputation across Chico. Our services cater to Butte County, Sutter County, Shasta County, and Sacramento County.

Looking for an honest, reliable, and experienced company to handle your roofing needs? Look no further than us!
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