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If you’re looking for a reliable commercial roofing contractor in Northern California, look no further than Cool Roof Solutions. We are a team of professional and experienced roofing company that can provide you with the highest quality of services in the area. And the best roofing products are backed by an 18-year warranty. 

Our professional company offers a variety of commercial roofing services Northern California. From installations and repairs to maintenance services, whatever your issue is, our experienced professionals have you covered.

We’ve been in business for many years, and in that time, we’ve helped countless commercial property owners keep their roofs in top condition. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible results. By working with us you’ll be provided with free estimates for your projects.

What Makes Us The Ultimate Roofers?

At Cool Roof Consultation, we strive to be your #1 commercial roofers. No matter your commercial roofing needs, you can’t doubt our experts have the perfect solution.

Top Roofing Materials We Offer:

At Cool Roof Solutions, Conklin Roofing products are used on all our roofs. This is a high-quality roofing system with a history of over 40 years, and businesses across the country widely use it.

Superior roofing services we offer:

Commercial Roofing Services We Offer

  1. Commercial Roof Replacement
  2. Commercial Roofing Leak Detections
  3. Commercial Roof Repair Solutions 
  4. Roof Maintenance
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We Are The Perfect Solution For Your Needs

Our experts are passionate about our work and we’re always looking for ways to improve our services. Our commercial roofing services in Sacramento, CA, use only the highest quality materials. We offer a variety of benefits to our clients, including free estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Stop searching for other commercial roofing companies in Sacramento, CA, and start working with the pros today. In addition, if you’re interested in our services or want to learn more about our trustworthy company, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re just one call away!

Do you notice signs of wear and tear currently? What happens if those get bigger, and it’s too late to act? These are questions most business owners prefer to leave as rhetorical questions. Wear and tear can lead to expensive damages to your business.

Thus, it is essential to check and monitor your condition. Being the best roofing company in Northern California, Cool Roof Solutions covers all the roofing services you might need. Be it repairs, installing new, or maintenance.

Cool Roof Solutions works with the best roofers to provide a wide range of solutions for any roof types. Making us your best shot at getting exactly what you want.

As earlier stated, our goal is to ensure your happiness. In this case, we work according to your specifications. Aligning our roofing services to your needs, and getting the job done right.

As a team of expert roofers, we are at your beck and call regarding any roofing service, home or commercial, you can count on us. To effectively serve you, we break down our services into the following;


Commercial Roof Replacement

There are cases where roofs can be damaged beyond repair. In such cases, a full replacement is your best option. Besides offering the best roof replacement services, our roofing experts will determine the best material for your project. Whether your needs are aesthetic or for efficiency, we have got your back with the best prices.

One good news is that your Insurance company might cover your roof replacement. So you might not worry about the cost.

You might need to invest in a new roof, and we provide a superior product—an 18-year warranty with an honest, dependable, and flexible installation schedule. With high working efficiency, we will complete your project in a timely fashion. Allowing you to return to work as soon as possible.


Commercial Roofing Leak Detections and Repairs

Leaks can be minor or significant. Small holes may not be noticeable, but it could grow into a major leak which could prove costly. Thus, it is best for your business that leaks are detected and fixed as quickly as possible.

Here, at Cool Roof Solutions, we offer leak detection and repair services. We are happy to check your roof for leaks. And provide repair solutions and recommendations to avoid any damage at all that can arise.

Our products are designed to withstand whatever harsh weather California may bring. So, whether you need leak repairs or are looking to save more by choosing a roof replacement, Cool Roof Solutions is here to help. Call us for more information on how to go about it.


Roof Maintenance

Maintaining a high level of performance for your business is not an easy fit. You need to consider every detail, including your roof. That’s where we come in. You don’t have to worry about your business as well as maintaining your roof. Cool Roof Solutions offers the best roof maintenance. And with a keen eye will handle your roof maintenance.

Are you looking for top-quality roof services in your area? Call us at the phone number: (530) 520-4274


Cool Roof Solutions is one of the leading roofing companies in Chico, California. Our attention to detail and use of a superior product has earned us a reputation. Our product comes backed with an 18-year warranty. Plus, our dependable team has earned us a reputation across Chico. Our services cater to Butte County, Sutter County, Shasta County, and Sacramento County.

Looking for an honest, reliable, and experienced company to handle your roofing needs? Look no further than us!
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